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Iris Silvestris



  • Gilding project of 2015 

  • Gilding - 2013 project of the year.

  • Pocketmirrors

Price at 16 € plus delivery.

Different design is possible.

Order iris989(at)

  • Personal hooks.

Price at 16 € plus delivery.

Order iris989(at) 

  • Rabbit`s house for my daughter. Last years grand finale :)

  • Next project in working progress...

  • Very romantic mirrorframe in to the bathroom

  • New project: Sparrow mirror - eternal spring in bathroom.  


  • Black Chrysanthemums and peonys.

Look for more information.

  • Another fresh piece of work: antique white  mirror frame.  

Interestingly, I have been there before - 2001 with 2 fellow art students Kaija Kesa and Eneken Maripuu, we made an installation in the same building - old manor’s vodka brewery, called Delirium. Some photos from that time.

And now the first two frames for the guesthouse. Each is inspired from the wallpaper and walls of the room. Mirror goes to the bathroom.

Second pair look like two birds from the same nest.

And the last ones. Spicy red and estonian national motives to go with brick and stone. Come visit the Phototourism Centre of Estonia in Mooste manor soon!

  • New! Something for young and wild at heart - tattood mirror ! Look for more!