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To order my decorated furniture please contact by email: iris989(at)

Decorated furniture does not fit to every place, but if this piece of art does fit, it totally changes the look of the space.

Mirrors and pocketmirrors

Pocketmirrors for everyday
About 7 cm diameter wooden back mirrors,handpainted or decoupage mix.
Each comes with protective felt pocket.
Price 13 eur plus delivery.

Pridesmaids gifts
About 7 cm diameter wooden back mirrors,handpainted. 
Each comes with protective felt pocket. 
 Price starting 13 eur plus delivery. 
Please ask details and price iris.jurma(at) 

Antique-chick oval and round frames
40 cm diameter antique white frame with tiny roses and/or a lady`s portrait. If you want different color or size, please ask details and price iris.jurma(at) 

Tattoo mirror

Mirror frame inspired from tattooshops, 800x500 mm. Classical confrontation of tiger and dragon from Chinese mytology with lotos flower. Additional black tribal motive, on white background. 
Mixed media, handmade and varnished.

Price 180.- eur

"People are the only mirror we have to see ourselves in".

Wooden mirrorframe, 70x50cm, hand painted, with text.  Coated with gloss varnish.
Ask the price iris.jurma(at)

Garden of 4 Sins

Wooden mirrorframe 90x65 cm, handpainted with different plants and 4 miniatures from  Book of Hours ('The Dunois Hours') showing Vanity,Gluttony,Averice and Rage.  

Ask the price iris.jurma(at)

Mooste Fototourism centers guesthouse mirrors.
Made by order. 

Black chrysanthemums and paeonies.
Made by order.

Eternal spring
Made by order.